How Are Your HVAC Habits Impacting Your Utility Bills?

No matter what the weather outside in Waldorf, the temperature within your space dictates how comfortable it will be. Find the right temp and your house will seem like a enjoyable escape from everything. But if your heating and cooling system isn’t working the right way, you’ll feel it. And it won’t be pleasant.

Brace yourself for a thorough look at the way you’re utilizing your home comfort system. It could be the difference between a solid system or a poor performer. Start this quick quiz from A-PLUS Service Experts to see how you stack up.

  1. Summer is coming up fast in Waldorf. How do you get your system ready?
    1. Replace the HVAC filter and dust the vents. Then it’s good to go.
    2. Call in the pros for seasonal maintenance.
    3. Nothing. It will be fine.
  2. You’re hosting an event on a summer night, but the AC isn’t functioning. What do you do?
    1. Ask my visitors to bring icy beverages.
    2. Schedule an emergency repair to get it functioning before guests arrive.
    3. Switch on my fans and wish for a strong breeze.
  3. Your current HVAC is losing steam. What’s your plan when it’s time for an upgrade?
    1. Have my contractor to choose and fund it with a credit card.
    2. Get rid of worries and charges by selecting a monthly home comfort subscription.
    3. Select the fanciest system available in Waldorf.
  4. When you get your next monthly electricity bill, what do you think you’ll see?
    1. It will cost more. My HVAC costs have increased quite a bit.
    2. It will be comparable to the expenses for the same month last year.
    3. I can’t be sure until I see it. Some months aren’t bad, but others are shocking.
  5. Your heating and cooling system is making a funny noise. What do you do first?
    1. Find my toolbox and devote a weekend struggling to fix it.
    2. Book a professional technician to check it out.
    3. Don’t think about it and wait until it goes away.

Now tally your results. If you selected mostly Bs, your heating and cooling tendencies are helping you out. You’re taking care of your equipment and you made a plan for the future. But if you responded to any of these questions with As or Cs, you should make some changes to help your equipment perform more efficiently. Keep reading to learn how.

Improved HVAC Habits to Help Protect Your Home

Schedule Yearly Maintenance While switching out your air filter and cleaning your vents are crucial tasks to help out your HVAC for a different season, a professional tune-up is helpful to complete the process. During a maintenance visit, your professional technician will perform a series of tasks that promote the energy efficiency of your machine. And while they’re in your home, your HVAC service Expert will look out for more severe complications for your system. That could save you a high-priced breakdown later in the season.

Find a heating and cooling company that offers emergency repairs. Even rigorously maintained heating and cooling systems can have issues on occasion. And it always seems to crop up at the most inconvenient times. A company with 24/7 emergency service can manage the headache and distress. The Service Experts Advantage Program gives that vital service to homeowners at no additional cost.

Create a plan for your HVAC system replacement. Well-maintained heating and cooling systems can operate for 10 to 15 years, but they aren’t able to last forever. Build a strategy now to bypass last-minute pressure when your equipment takes its last bow. The Service Experts Advantage Program™ can be useful. It brings you a new high-efficiency heating and cooling system with no up-front charges. As an added bonus, the program includes free maintenance and repairs.

Keep track of your monthly energy bills and don’t ignore it when they radically change. Your utility bills can tell you more than your monthly costs. If you’re noticing a steady escalation in your costs but no change in home comfort, something is probably going on with your system. A modern high-efficiency system can offer you peace of mind with more consistent energy usage—and that means fewer unknown amounts on your bill.

Call a professional when you detect a weird noise from your HVAC system. That noise is more than annoying. It indicates something is off with your equipment. Even if it’s a relatively small trouble, left alone it could make for a costly repair later on. Don’t try to work on it yourself. Leave it to the professionals to check out and set it right.

Your HVAC can cost you quite a bit when you don’t manage it. If you use these tips, you could save time, money and annoyance. And if your HVAC just isn’t keeping up anymore, consider choosing one through the Service Experts Advantage Program. It can help you get a modern energy-efficient system with no up-front costs and free maintenance and repairs.

To learn more, give us a call or book an appointment online. We’re happy to help!

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